If you have some extra time on your hands (yeah, right!) and have an interest in publishing, you could volunteer to help in some phase of getting the Orange Bytes Newsletter out.


If you like to write, the Bytes and the Website could use some homegrown copy. Technical articles, book reviews, or product rewiews would be much appreciated.


If you can help set up the Main Meeting room, that would be appreciated.


If you've always wanted to be a cub reporter, working the computer 'happenings' beat, the Website could use a columnist to inform members of job fairs, swap meets, conventions, lectures, etc. - all related to computer hardware or software. If you have a camera, that would be a plus.


If you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, and have always wanted to be an archivist, and would like to fund or donate space for a

'Warehouse 13'-like museum, we have some old equipment to stock it. Some of us have older gear that deserves a loving home, and shouldn't be relegated to the ash can of computer history.


If you have an interest in games (well, duh) and would like to write about and demonstrate some of them in a website column, we could accommodate that.


If you know enough about some topic of personal interest (creating EMP devices, etc.) that isn't already addressed by our current SIGs (special interest groups), suggest it to the officers. You could be the next great leader.


Other contribution ideas are welcome.

Last update: Jan. 2013