NOCCC Fee Schedule for membership:
The fee schedule has been set up to increase club membership, attract people with an interest in computing, and attract local computer-related businesses to place ads in the Orange Bytes with or without becoming NOCCC members.

We are also offering members the opportunity to help our club financially by making donations that should be income-tax deductible since we are chartered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donors will be acknowledged in the Orange Bytes and the Membership level will be shown on the Member’s Badge.

Your regular dues is tax deductible!

Membership Level ($) 1 Year / 3 Years
Individual Member 35 90
Each Additional Family Member 15 40
Full-Time* Enrolled College Student 20  
Enrolled High School Student 15  
Business Member + Ad (Business Card) 180  
Business Member + Ad (¼ Page, ½ Page) 465 800
Business Member + Ad (Full Page) 1,475  
Membership Donations ($) Contributing Member 75  
Supporting Member 100  
Advocate Member 250  
Patron Member 500