NOCCC Meeting location - Courtesy of Google Maps

The North Orange County Computer Club meets in two buildings in the Southeast corner of Chapman University: Hashinger Science Center Sunday mornings and Irvine Hall in Sunday afternoons. To see these buildings in the live Google Map below, zoom in three to five times by hitting the + sign on the Map below 3 times. As Google is constantly making changes to their displays, it would be advisable to CLICK on the link to view the map directly on Google. You should see Hashinger Science Center just north of Irvine Hall in the live Google maps display, in the middle of the screen. Feel free to pan and zoom around to find the best way to get here - from anywhere. (The map may take a few seconds to stabilize before it becomes "live".)

Press the + sign 3 to 5 times now. ------------Zoom in--------------
Locate the Hashinger Science Center and Irvine Lecture Hall. You've just found where NOCCC meets. So, with Google, wherever you are, you can now navigate to where we meet. Click on the "View on Google Maps" link to view a larger map. Disregard the address shown.

Parking is available on campus or in a City of Orange public parking lot. The public parking lot is located 2 blocks south of the campus, on Orange St. The short walk will do you good.

On campus, you can park under the football field for $2.00. Enter the Lastinger Lot from Walnut Ave., just one half block east of Glassell Street, north of the campus. (Use the Satellite View to see the Football Field; it's green; after possibly pressing the + sign if necessary.) Go up the stairs or use the elevator and enjoy a brief walk south to the meeting buildings. Be sure and buy your $2.00 ticket, put it on the dashboard, and use it next week to get a free raffle ticket.

Your parking stub is worth one free ticket in the raffle for prizes at the 2:00 PM main meeting.

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For a view of The University's own map, follow this link.

Bldg. 21 for class rooms, 25 for auditorium