Parking Information

Chapman Universityís main parking lot is the underground Lastinger Parking Structure under Wilson field on the north side of the campus. Enter from Walnut Avenue, just east of Glassell Street. (Check the maps.) Parking is not free on Sunday, even if the gate is up. However, the permit vending machine is about 100 feet south of the entry area. There are other machines elsewhere in the lot. Find one, buy a permit, and put it on your dashboard. Do not park in any other lot, in a reserved space, or back into a space.

Free street parking
also is available on the campus-side of the streets only. Parking in front of any residential housing will result in an expensive parking ticket. A City of Orange public parking lot, located on the southwest corner of E. Maple and N. Orange, is also free and only 2 blocks from the meeting.
An easy walk.

Save Your Parking Permits!
To offset the cost of parking in the Lastinger Underground Parking Structure, the NOCCC Board approved a motion to give each member two NOCCC General Drawing raffle tickets in exchange for the Lastinger-parking permit. Turn in the bottom-half ďreceiptĒ part of your permit to the Rafflemeister on the same day or hold it until the next meeting. Gerry Resch, the Raffle Leader, will exchange it for two raffle tickets.

The reason for this is that the NOCCC Board has found that some people are not attending meetings or not renewing their memberships because of the parking situation. Chapman University has allowed us to park in the Lastinger Parking Structure under Wilson Field for only $2 for the whole day of our meeting; normally $2 is good for only two hours. The advantages of parking there are clear; you donít have to drive around looking for a legal spot (remember, donít park on the private home side of the street), the car doesnít get hot and you donít have to parallel park. There is even an elevator available to get up and down.

Free parking on city streets is restricted to the campus side of the street. Parking on the residents side of the streets adjacent to the campus (or many of the surrounding streets for several blocks) can get you a ticket, unless you have a Handicap placard. The Handicap placard trumps the resident sticker requirement.


If your car is indisposed.

Several Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) buses service Chapman University. Route 54 runs East and West on Chapman Ave. The 59 runs North and South on Glassell Avenue, but doesn’t start early enough for the 9:00 a.m. SIGs. Get the most current information or use a trip planner at . OCTA also has a Consumer Information Center at (714) 636-7433 (RIDE).

Railroad: Metrolink trains can get you to the NOCCC meeting from the Inland Empire. There are stops in the cities of Riverside, Corona, and Anaheim Hills. Parking your vehicle is free at the train station. See M on map below On Sundays, Inland Empire-Orange County Line train 859 leaves San Bernardino destined for Orange County at 8:55 am. For the return trip, train 858 leaves nearby Orange Metrolink at 3:15 pm and train 860 leaves at 5:35 pm. The Metrolink station is four-and-a-half blocks from Chapman University. For specifics regarding your trip, check the web site: or call 1-800-371-5465.