President's Message

By Ben Lochtenbergh, President NOCCC


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Sunday November 5 - our meetings day - ends daylight savings time this year in California. If you forget you arrive at the NOCCC meeting one hour early. For those who look at their smartphone or PC that problem is solved because the software of these devices - now a days – is smart enough to adjust. The providers of E-waste had an emergency and could not perform on October 1. Therefor they will do an extra E-waste on November 5. The normal schedule of even months E-waste will stay the same. We will have E-waste in December, February, April, etc. There were people who brought in their stuff, they had to take it back but hopefully bring it again in November. We are sorry for the inconvenience. At the board meeting – I am pleased to announce - we decided to go ahead ordering ten new Polo shirts with the club’s emblem and one low cost 3D printer. It should be interesting to find out what we can build with this printer. I visited my local computer store and saw - for the first time - several 3D printers including the one Jim Sanders has chosen for the club. I also found shelves full with filaments to feed these printers. These filaments come on spools but they do not sell by their length - as I expected - but by weight, like $15/kg. Much better! I hope to learn a lot more about this technology at NOCCC as if how long will it take to print a Pion (Pawn) for Chess games.

See you on meeting days, hopefully.