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Note: Type 'Short' means a file designed to fit in the central viewport of the Home Page, i.e. not intended to be viewed as a standalone page. Type 'Full' means a file designed to be viewed AS a standalone full-screen page. These files are not links. They are included here to show the breadth of information that you will find by using the two (2) menu bars provided.

File Type Description
about.html Short General comments about the Club.
admin1.html Short Officers, Directors, Volunteers.
archives.html Short All PDF files back to 1/1/2002.
benefits.html Short A list and description of most Club benefits.
bylaws-as-amended-1-4-09.pdf Full Complete list of Bylaws.
calendar.html Full List of activities on meeting day.
clubHistory.html Short Brief NOCCC history.
contact.html Short List of Club leaders & addresses.
comments2.php Full A feedback form, not active yet.
disclaim.html Short General disclaimer for web site content.
dues.html Short Enumeration of types of Club dues.
final-bytes_2013_01_web.pdf Full Latest Orange Bytes Newsletter.
googSearch4.html Short NOCCC Site search form.
help.html Short Helpful information for site.
index.php Full The Home Page of the site.
links.html Full A large page of external links, many broken.
login.html Short Login form. Login coming.
map1.html Full NOCCC location via live embedded
Google Maps map of Chapman University.
newLinks.html Short New list of computer-related links.
noccc3.css Full Site style sheet, not a viewable page.
parking.html Short Parking information for Sunday meetings.
parkpic.html Full NOCCC location from homegrown maps.
pastimes.html Full Simple time-wasters: games and cartoons.
pong2.html Full Basic one-paddle game of 'pong'.
president.html Short Latest message from Club President.
redSquareChuck.html Full Fast, interactive, dexterity mouse game.
redSquareJimmy.html Full Medium, interactive, dexterity mouse game.
redSquareOrville.html Full Slow, interactive, dexterity mouse game.
sigs1.html Short List of current special interest groups.
sitemap.html Short This file. List of all major files.
webSearch.html Full Initial access to various search engines.
welcomePage.html Short Central viewport welcome page.
yearlyCal.html Short Full year calendar showing meeting dates.

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