Social Networking, Anyone ?

Feeling lonely, insecure?
Ear sore from being on the mobile phone constantly?
Nicotine stain on your index finger?
Need more digital companionship?
Email sooo last year?
Try social media.
Millions out there just like you. Connect!

Start Social Networking Now
Facebook Brag and Bond Forever
Twitter Practice Hero Worship
Linked In Become A Mogul Instantly
Pinterest Pin Up Your Interests
YouTube Keep Those Cameras Rollin'
Google+ Stop Oglin', Try Googlin'
Yammer Stop Stammerin', Start Yammerin'
Tumblr Tumblin' & Bloggin' for Fun and Profit
Instagram Keep it Short and Sweet
Flickr Flickr Is Quicker than Liquor
MySpace https:/www./ "Come Into My Space": Spider
MeetUp Meet and Greet Your Peeps

Check them ALL out. Then give us a report.
Maybe one or two would be suitable to save NOCCC.
Write an article for the Bytes. We need authors.